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Let’s Virtually “Wander” in Lovecraft’s Providence and Beyond, or Sit in Space to Discuss Everything Lovecraftian!

Do you own an Oculus Quest, Go, or Gear VR Virtual Reality Headset? Have you used the “Wander” app for any of these headsets in Multiplayer mode in groups of up to six people at a time to visit Lovecraftian … Continue reading

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A 127th. Birthday Postcard for H. P. Lovecraft!

Fully-Fleshed   Ghostly A 127th. Birthday Postcard for H. P. Lovecraft! I wanted to make a special Birthday Postcard for H. P. Lovecraft’s 127th. Birthday, which is tomorrow, Sunday, August 20, 2017, but I couldn’t decide whether the Postcard looked … Continue reading

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H. P. Lovecraft’s Providence as Russian (and World-Wide) Refrigerator Magnets!

Available at: http://world-wide-gifts.com/souvenirs/00004352-vinyl-fridge-magnet-7-x-4-united-states-rhode-island-college-hill-providence-county-superior-courthouse/ Available at: http://world-wide-gifts.com/souvenirs/00004353-acrylic-fridge-magnet-united-states-rhode-island-college-hill-roger-williams-statue-1939-and-downtown-providence/ H. P. Lovecraft’s Providence, as photographed by Yours Truly (Will Hart)  in 1990 during  the H. P. Lovecraft Centennial, has now become a pair of Refrigerator Magnets, added to the souvenir line of products … Continue reading

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August Lovecraftian Expectations: Two Things I’m Really Looking Forward To!

The Number Two Expectation: There is a very good chance that the August issue of Providence Monthly will contain something of interest to all Lovecraftians. I have been promoting the idea for an August piece on “120 Years of H.P. … Continue reading

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