Let’s Virtually “Wander” in Lovecraft’s Providence and Beyond, or Sit in Space to Discuss Everything Lovecraftian!

Do you own an Oculus Quest, Go, or Gear VR Virtual Reality Headset?

Have you used the “Wander” app for any of these headsets in Multiplayer mode in groups of up to six people at a time to visit Lovecraftian sites in Virtual Reality?


Have you ever used the “vTime XR” app with Oculus Headsets, Google VR, Apple iPhones, Samsung Gear VR, Windows Mixed Reality, or Daydream, to have a four-person Lovecraftian chat in an exotic virtual location?

Why not?

Please send a message to me on Facebook at WillHartCthulhuWho1 or contact me here on my blog, if you’d like to meet in Virtual Reality in “Wander,” to see some of the many Lovecraftian sites that can be visited this way, or in “vTime XR,” for a virtual four-person Lovecraftian meeting.

If you don’t already have one of the above-mentioned headsets, the 64gb Oculus Go, as of 22-May-2020, is selling for $199; and is an incredible all-in-one system for education, entertainment, gaming, virtual traveling, and watching movies and television shows in many virtual theaters.

The Oculus Go does require a Wi-Fi connection, and the one-time use of a smartphone to get it connected at first; but no computer is required, unless you want to load your own personal files into the headset.



Some “Wander” Information:

Wander for the Oculus Quest:

Wander for the Oculus Go:

Wander for the Samsung Gear VR:

Oculus GoOculus Quest: Wander app review – part 1

Go Bros // Wander // Oculus Go

Wander: Street View in Virtual Reality? (New Oculus Go Apps) [August 2018]


Some “vTime XR” Information:

The Official vTime XR Site:

vTime XR for the Oculus Go:

Go Bros // vTime Review // Oculus Go:

VR Storytelling class meets up in the vTime space:


Let’s take Lovecraft into the 21st. Century!

Will Hart

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