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Fungi from Yuggoth Wav Format Files for Burning High-Quality CDs

MrWilum (Wilum Pugmire, a Lovecraftian author and friend of many years), over on YouTube, has brought up the topic of my reading of the Fungi from Yuggoth sonnets being made available on CD. I’m not prepared to go into CD … Continue reading

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Robert Bloch Speaks of Lovecraft and More from the Grave

If you are a fan of Robert Bloch, but you didn’t get to attend his induction into the Science Fiction, Horror and Fantasy Hall of Fame on 05-December-1976, then this blog is for you. If you are a fan of … Continue reading

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Four More Issues of Eldritch Leanings Have Been Found!

While digging through many boxes of Lovecraft related publications, during a search for convention related materials for data to accompany some of the audio files I’ll soon be uploading here, I found a box containing the final sets of Esoteric … Continue reading

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At Long Last The August Issue of Providence Monthly Has Arrived!

I began to think I’d never see a copy, but after many phone calls and emails, my “contributor’s” copy arrived today, 03-September-2010. If you haven’t found a copy for yourself yet, there were 18,000 copies printed, so you should be … Continue reading

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An Apology: The ATMOM Script Post Has Been Removed at the Request of the Producer

I have received a message this morning informing me of the need to remove the “At the Mountains of Madness” script file immediately to avoid a DMCA notice for linking to copyrighted material. I have complied as soon as I … Continue reading

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