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Clark Ashton Smith’s, The City of the Singing Flame, Read By the Late Great Harlan Ellison

          My Own Small Tribute to the Late Great Harlan Ellison: and Clark Ashton Smith Too From March 14, 1986, until his final turn at the microphone on June 19, 1987, Harlan Ellison could be heard most … Continue reading

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Lovecraft’s, Fungi from Yuggoth – Book and CD

Don’t They Make a Lovely Pair? Now, at last, these two wonderful items can truly be companions in your Lovecraft collection. The CD is dedicated to the book; and now that the first copies of the book are starting to … Continue reading

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Frederick J. Mayer Needs Our Help in Sacramento!

                           Frederick J. Mayer Now (2013)                and             Frederick J. Mayer Then (1984) [Original 2013 Photo … Continue reading

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Fritz Leiber Audio Files Part 5: Fritz Leiber Reads Clark Ashton Smith’s “A Night in Malnéant”

(Jean Hart, Fritz Leiber, Will Hart World Fantasy III) Saturday night, October 29, 1977 at the World Fantasy Convention, in the Music Room of the Biltmore Hotel in downtown Los Angeles, following the 10:00 p.m. slot with Harlan Ellison performing … Continue reading

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