A 127th. Birthday Postcard for H. P. Lovecraft!




A 127th. Birthday Postcard for H. P. Lovecraft!

I wanted to make a special Birthday Postcard for H. P. Lovecraft’s 127th. Birthday, which is tomorrow, Sunday, August 20, 2017, but I couldn’t decide whether the Postcard looked better with his face Fully-Fleshed, or Ghostly; so I’m sharing both versions with all Lovecraftians to use for any purpose they like.

All I ask, is that you tell me which you prefer; and why, if you’re willing to comment further.

Happy Birthday Grandpa!

Will Hart
Fullerton, California

An Update for 20-August-2017:

I’m a little surprised that nobody has commented on where I placed H. P. L. in these Postcards…

So I guess I’ll point out what is apparently only obvious to me…

Firstly, I wanted to place him on his beloved College Hill; and I did, using a picture that I took from the roof of One Financial Plaza on his 100th. Birthday, on 20-August-1990.

I wanted to make this a memorial Postcard too, by including one of the pictures I took of his headstone (which I helped pay for in 1977); and this picture too, was taken on his 100th. Birthday by me. I also added the subtle “2017” to the lower part of the headstone to date this Postcard

I sized and positioned his image to be centered between three memorable locations that Lovecraftians always visit…

To the side of his left ear (to the viewer’s right), where the List Art Center is now standing, is the original site of Lovecraft’s final home, the Samuel B. Mumford House (1825), which was at 66 College Street (now 64 College Street, and the List Art Center), before the house was moved to 65 Prospect Street in September 1959 before construction of the List Art Center.

To the side of his left ear (to the viewer’s right), just behind the List Art Center, is the John Hay Library of Brown University, which Lovecraft could look into the stacks of from his rooms in 66 College Street; and which now houses the Lovecraft Special Collection at 20 Prospect Street.

Finally, just at the top tip of his right ear (to the viewer’s left), is the current location of Lovecraft’s last home, The Samuel B. Mumford House (1825), at 65 Prospect Street at Meeting Street. Moved here in September 1959 before construction of the List Art Center at 64 College Street.

I’m glad that several people have picked up on the humor behind the italics of “Am,” combined with the exclamation point…

And I hope these Postcards have been shared by the NecronomiCon crowd; and those, like myself, that couldn’t be there this year.

Will Hart
a.k.a. CthulhuWho1

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3 Responses to A 127th. Birthday Postcard for H. P. Lovecraft!

  1. Dagny says:

    Reblogged this on Vauquer Boarding House and commented:
    I prefer the ghostly one, Will. Other worldly.

    Happy Birthday to the Old Gent.

  2. Dagny says:

    Thank you for taking the time to explain the background to us, Will. How cool that you used a photo you took yourself – and on a special date! I’ve never been to Providence myself.

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