H. P. Lovecraft Smiles! (At Last!) Updated


H. P. Lovecraft Smiling (1934) v2


H. P. Lovecraft Smiling (1934) v1

Thanks to the photo editing talents of “Mindblast Cult” [and a little tweaking by Yours Truly] over on Facebook, we all have a chance to finally see what a really happy H. P. Lovecraft looked like in 1934.

Thank You Mindblast Cult for the original image, and the newer one added today 2-June-2017!

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3 Responses to H. P. Lovecraft Smiles! (At Last!) Updated

  1. Joca says:

    This is photoshopped. Lovecraft never smiled on photos because he suffered from mandibular prognathism, i.e. the lower jaw outgrowing the upper, and he would look funny and ugly. When he smiled he wouldn’t look like that at all!

    • cthulhuwho1 says:

      Dear Joca,
      As the above details included “photo editing talents,” and “tweaking,” in describing how we created a smiling version of H. P. Lovecraft, it should be obvious that we were showing a photoshopped version of his image, just for fun; with no effort to deceive anyone.

  2. Mark says:

    Very interesting! The colors are a bit off, and there’s bound to be some conjecture on certain elements – particularly his dentition – but the effect is very real, and brings the man to life in a way never seen before. Thank you for making this.

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