August Lovecraftian Expectations: Two Things I’m Really Looking Forward To!

The Number Two Expectation:
There is a very good chance that the August issue of Providence Monthly will contain something of interest to all Lovecraftians. I have been promoting the idea for an August piece on “120 Years of H.P. Lovecraft and Providence;” and I have reason to believe that Providence Monthly is going to do something related to what I have suggested. Get your hands on a copy of the issue, and check out the back page, “The Last Detail” to see what shows up. Watch for a headstone shot that might look familiar to those who’ve looked through my Swan Point Cemetery photos. The Providence Monthly is the free, oversized magazine that profiles the people, places and things that make Providence a great city; and that can be found in bars, restaurants, coffee shops, boutiques, art galleries, or any place around town where people congregate and interesting things happen. Eighteen thousand copies are distributed each month.

The Number One Expectation:
The Hippocampus Press release of the complete, uncut, and fully updated, two-volume edition of, “I Am Providence: The Life and Times of H. P. Lovecraft” by S.T. Joshi.
This is The definitive biography of H. P. Lovecraft, written by the world’s leading authority on Lovecraft.
The first 350 copies will all be signed by S.T. Joshi, and you can still reserve one of these for yourself by ordering it now. I ordered mine in May, and I feel like a kid waiting for his most-wanted Christmas present to arrive (and I’m an Atheist!); and the fact that one of my photos might also be included in this biography makes me feel very honored, proud, and Thankful!

Those interested in my photo collections can find them through the following links:

The CthulhuWho1 (Will Hart) Photo Collections:

Lovecraft’s Providence, From A Different Angle: Providence & Beyond at the Time of HPL’s Centennial, 1990:

Providence, Rhode Island: The Streets – A street by street guide to the photos in the Providence section of “Lovecraft’s Providence, From A Different Angle:”

Richard L. Tierney Lovecraft Statuettes:
(Rare, beautiful, and treasured Lovecraftian statuettes made by Richard L. Tierney; the author, artist, poet, and H.P. Lovecraft scholar.)

Will Hart’s Cthulhu License Plate Cars:

Yours Truly,
Will Hart
aka CthulhuWho1

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