More Lovecraftian Items Have Been Posted on Flickr!

Greetings from Fullerton, California!

I’m still fleshing out the descriptions, notes, tags, and more, but I have added the following Lovecraftian collections to my Flickr Collections page at:

“Eldritch Leanings: A Lovecraft Fanzine”. I wanted to get these issues from 1976, 77, 78, and 79, with their articles, comments, letters, and photos (including the color versions for the very first time) up on Flickr before I begin posting the Authors/Letters/Photos Collection that will contain material that references Eldritch Leanings, or that illustrates people mentioned in Eldritch Leanings.

“The H.P. Lovecraft Panel at IguanaCon 1978”. This collection also includes a few prints not used in Eldritch Leanings; and the audio tapes will be soon be converted to mp3 format to be made freely available at a web site near you.


“Esoteric Order of Dagon Members”. This collection includes several sets of E.O.D. members at various events; the first set posted was E.O.D. members at IguanaCon in Phoenix in 1978 (including several photos not used in Eldritch Leanings). Thirteen sets have been started in this collection as of the time this note is being written.

I have also added a couple of temporary/secondary photos of the original Cthulhu Mobile from 1978 in the Cthulhu License Plate Collection too.

These new items bring the California Cthulhu / CthulhuWho1 / Will Hart Lovecraftian Flickr Collection size to 1181 items for viewing/downloading; and I hope everyone will find something of interest there.

Please post comments, or send email if you want to see even more uploads like these.

Will Hart
a.k.a. CthulhuWho1
a.k.a. California Cthulhu

Curator of:

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1 Response to More Lovecraftian Items Have Been Posted on Flickr!

  1. Human says:

    , Where has this been all my life? There are things you read as a teganeer that are then spoiled for you for the rest of your life: someone once said that whichever Shakespeare play you study in high school will forever be unwatchable, and I’ll admit that I can’t see the merit in Julius Caesar thanks to those end-of-scene question sections that asked Why would no one listen to Cassandra? or What would you do if lions whelped in the streets? . Even elicit teenage reading can’t escape this curse: I loved Kurt Vonnegut as a teganeer, but you could not pay me to read him now. So I would not be here now if I had hated The Cats of Ulthar less.

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