H. P. Lovecraft Will Be In The April-2011 Issue of Famous Monsters of Filmland Magazine!

I’ve just heard from Jessie Lilley, the beautiful, intelligent, and cat-loving (there goes my heart!) Editor of Famous Monsters of Filmland magazine, that the upcoming April issue, will have quite a bit of coverage on H. P. Lovecraft and his writings, as well as the films based on his work. These articles are by Charles Coulombe, Brad Linaweaver and Ron Garmon.

They are still looking for photos and printable memorabilia to help illustrate these articles. So if you have something they might be able to use, or that they might be allowed to borrow from your archives to scan and then return, contact her at: jessielilley@famousmonsters.com

For more information on Jessie Lilley, including some great photos, please see the interviews at the following links:



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4 Responses to H. P. Lovecraft Will Be In The April-2011 Issue of Famous Monsters of Filmland Magazine!

  1. This is a drive-by comment; I’m looking for a photograph of Fritz Leiber that we can use in the program book for FOGCon (see URL above), where Fritz is a “ghost of honor.” Are there photos that you have rights to or that you can point us to a rightsholder for? You can reach me at the address above or our publications coordinator, Guy Thomas, at publications@fogcon.org .

    Thanks so much! (Great blog!)

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  3. Just did a YouTube video shewing my copy of the current FM. It’s cool to have my photo in there, first time in almost 40 years, and to have my photo next to Ramsey’s. The last time I had my photo in an issue of FM was issue #104, 1973, I think. I had just been transferred from Ireland to Las Vegas as an LDS missionary and I was beginning my real discovery of H. P. Lovecraft (it was in a Vegas bookshop that I found a pb volume of TALES OF THE CTHULHU MYTHOS). It’s cool to think of my journey since then, from just becoming an obsess’d fan to this month, in which Ihave two new Lovecraftian collections publish’d. It’s been an amazing journey.

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