Mike Davis Releases Issue #1 of the Free Lovecraft eZine for February 2011!

Thanks to Cheryl (ajbx10 of the Historical Lovecraft group on Yahoo), I got the link that lead me to Issue #1 of the Lovecraft eZine: “A free online magazine featuring lovecraftian horror.” Which is being published here at WordPress by Mike Davis.

If you like Lovecraftian fiction (And who reading this doesn’t?), and Free is one of your favorite words, then head over to Mike’s blog at http://lovecraftzine.wordpress.com/ and subscribe now so you won’t miss an issue.

You can also jump right into Issue #1 by going directly to http://lovecraftzine.wordpress.com/issues/issue-1-february-2011/ where you’ll find Mike’s Introduction, and the first four stories: Sledding and Starlings by Bruce L. Priddy, Rickman’s Plasma by William Meikle, The Brown Tower by John Prescott, and The Crane Horror by Bruce Durham.

You’ll also find links and more to go along with each issue.

Please support Mike and his new publication by spreading the word that there is a new Lovecraftian eZine that will be featuring four new stories each month; plus frequent blogging by Mike between each issue.

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2 Responses to Mike Davis Releases Issue #1 of the Free Lovecraft eZine for February 2011!

  1. Mike Davis says:

    Will, I very much appreciate the post!

  2. Zuri says:

    Innsmouth Free Press also released issue 6 this month. http://www.innsmouthfreepress.com/?cat=806

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