Happy New Year! CthulhuWho1’s Blog (Podcast) is Now on iTunes!

Several people asked for it, and it is finally a reality.

Fire up your iTunes, and click on the Advanced Menu, then the Subscribe to Podcast option, and paste in http://feeds.feedburner.com/Cthulhuwho1sBlog as the URL for the podcast.

Or, you can fire up your iTunes, go to the iTunes Store, and search for CthulhuWho1, and then click on Subscribe once it finds the CthulhuWho1’s Blog files.

Right now, the listings only goes back 55 posts; but I am working to see what I can do to get all of the mp3 files available all the time through iTunes.

Keep watching for updates here, and I’ll do my part to make this work well for everybody!

Yours Truly,


This Is What 4o Years of Reading Lovecraft Has Done To Me!

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