H. P. Lovecraft’s – At the Mountains of Madness Chapter 02 – read by William Hart – As a Tribute to the Upcoming Guillermo Del Toro – James Cameron, Universal, 3D Movie

Yes, I’m doing this reading to help promote the Guillermo del Toro, James Cameron, Universal Studios, 3D movie of, “At the Mountains of Madness.”

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be posting all twelve chapters of H. P. Lovecraft’s, “At the Mountains of Madness,” one chapter at a time, to stretch out the fun; and to give me time to clean each chapter up a bit (and correct the bloopers also) before they are posted here.

I’m also taking a little time between each posting to allow for any feedback, to see if there is an interest in my posting the entire reading.

I have already recorded the first five chapters, but I’ll then work on each of the final seven chapters one-at-a-time after I get the first batch posted.

And now, Chapter Two:

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H P Lovecraft’s At the Mountains of Madness Chapter 02 Read by William Hart

This chapter has been dedicated to “Cap’n Frogmarsh;” a dear old friend of mine, who will probably have a few comments to make about my performances for this chapter…

Please let me know if this reading is to your liking by way of comments.

And please tell me if you do want more of this tale sooner, rather than later.

Chapter Three is coming soon!

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7 Responses to H. P. Lovecraft’s – At the Mountains of Madness Chapter 02 – read by William Hart – As a Tribute to the Upcoming Guillermo Del Toro – James Cameron, Universal, 3D Movie

  1. Don MacDonald says:

    These reading of the Mountains of Madness are great!!
    Please keep posting them and do the whole story.
    And lets us know if you do any others.

    • cthulhuwho1 says:


      Very happy you are enjoying the readings!

      I’m hard at work on Chapter 03 right now, and I’ve added your email address to my notification list; so you’ll know as soon as I post it and future chapters.

      I hope by now, that you’ve also checked out my complete reading of “Fungi from Yuggoth” that is here on this blog; and is also on the CthulhuWho1 YouTube channel in a karaoke format.


      I’ll also send this message to your email address too.

  2. Daniel says:

    Really enjoyed part two and looking forward to the discoveries at Lake’s camp. I discovered “Lovecraft Unbound” recently and the first story out of that collection that I read, “Crevasse,” about another trip to the Antarctic wastes, made me want to get back to the story that inspired it. Great job!

    • cthulhuwho1 says:


      I’m very happy you are enjoying the readings so far; and I’ll have Chapter Three up in the next couple of days for you to carry on with. Of course, it’s really in Chapter Four that the darkest details of the camp are revealed, so you have to wait a few mores days for those moments to unfold.

      I would like to get these posted faster, but you would not believe the hours it takes to clean up the recordings, so the neighborhood, household, airplanes, cars, cats, dogs, and telephone noises don’t intrude. And don’t get me started on my own breathing, lip smacking, coughing, throat-clearing, retakes, and corrections after-the-fact.

      I’m trying to be true to every comma, colon, semi-colon, dash, sentence, word, and paragraph that Lovecraft wrote; so I’m pretty harsh on myself, and I’ll tweak these recordings until they flow for me, and I end up re-recording here and there if I miss a word, or use the wrong word. I want these recordings to be an effort from my heart; and I want them to be around long after I’m gone. Even if they are just “Public Domain” copies that I’m putting out for free to the world.


      • Gillsing says:

        A commendable effort, and it definitely shows in the final product. I found out about these readings from Lovecraft is missing, and I’ll keep downloading and listening. Thanks for the hard work!

        And now I just googled for some images of those ‘elder things’, because I’d be lying if I claimed to understand what they look like from just hearing a description, no matter how detailed it is. Turned out they look a lot like the description: hard to describe.

      • cthulhuwho1 says:


        Thank You for the compliment, and You are welcome; and I hope you continue to grab each of the “At the Mountains of Madness” chapters as I post them here.

        I also Thank Larry for sending you over here, and I hope everyone who stops by here, will also pay Larry a visit over at “Lovecraft is Missing” too!

        I’m getting Chapter Four ready so I can (hopefully) have it up by tomorrow.

        I add the email addresses of everyone who leaves comments here to my notification list, so you’ll receive a personal note letting you know when each of the other chapters gets posted.


  3. Christine B says:

    Thanks for writingg

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