The Fritz Leiber CthulhuWho1 Flickr Collection Is Now Open!

Yes, you’ll be as shocked as Fritz Leiber is above, when you take the time to look into the new Fritz Leiber CthulhuWho1 Flickr Collection at:

Just think:

You’ll find out what Fritz Leiber looked like at the age of thirteen!

You’ll finally learn what Fritz Leiber looked like when he started corresponding with H. P. Lovecraft in 1936.

You’ll find out where to spot him in some of his acting roles.

You’ll discover where you can see Fritz Leiber Jr. & Sr. on the same stage and screen at the same time!

You’ll even see him as Dr. Arthur Waterman running with a book that looks a great deal like The Necronomicon!

You’ll see how I gave him writer’s cramp every time I hunted him down to sign another batch of my books.

You’ll see numerous books, documents, and photos.

And, you’ll see his final Love, who became his second wife, just months before his death…

How can you resist?

Here’s what Fritz Leiber will say if you don’t look at his photos:

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