About Will Hart & CthulhuWho1’s Blog

Will Hart – On the inside: Studly, lean, youthful, affectionate, sensual, collector of many things, who loves to wine, dine, dance, party the night away, or to spend hours watching or discussing the latest movies, or reading and discussing the books of most interest…

Will Hart – On the outside: Old, fat, balding, couch-potato collector of books, movies, audio recordings, and just about every other form of escapist materials imaginable (read, “Pack-Rat”), with an emphasis on Dark Fantasy (Lovecraft, etc.), and Home Theater experiences;  Thankfully, the wife enjoys the same things!

CthulhuWho1’s Blog – Truthfully, this Blog is a companion to my http://www.flickr.com/photos/cthulhuwho1/collections/ Flickr Collections, and it exists to give me a wall to post (mostly Lovecraft related) announcements on that will get quickly indexed by Google and other search engines; and it also exists as an audio file sharing site for the Lovecraft related mp3 files that can’t be uploaded to Flickr.

Whenever I have audio files to share, I will upload them here, or to another site; but I will always put information here with a link that will get you to the files being mentioned.

Keep checking in for updates and additions.


50 Responses to About Will Hart & CthulhuWho1’s Blog

  1. Daniel says:

    Just found your site. Looks like lots of wonderful material to explore here. Looking forward to going through it.

    Attended the HPL Film Festival in Portland, Oregon last weeekend, which was, as always, a fine event, with lots of authors and filmmakers presenting their work. This year Caitlin Kiernan and Ellen Datlow came out, and it was great to meet them in person.

  2. Will says:

    Hi Will,

    Great blog you’ve got going on here. Came via way of your posting to my review of At The Mountains of Madness and will hopefully be checking your narration of that fine novella very soon from iTunes.

    Best wishes with the blog,

    Spooky Reads

  3. I would like to contact you privately. Would you please respond to my e-mail address?

    Thank you.

  4. Jerome says:

    Thanks for the great Leiber audio recordings (and all the rest) !

  5. Lee Joyner says:


    Fantastic website! I was wondering if you could post a picture and/or link for my Key of Cthulhu idol? You can view more information at http://www.joynerstudio.com. I was just at the H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival and CthulhuCon as an official vendor for the show, which you can see on their website here: http://hplfilmfestival.com/vendors-mall-cthulhu I apologize for posting this publicly, and please feel free to delete this, as I could not find a contact email!


    Lee Joyner

  6. Lynn Aprill says:

    Hi Will,

    I am in the process of populating a new literary map website for Wisconsin, and we’d like to include your picture of Robert Bloch receiving his award that is posted on Wikipedia. On the permissions page, another individual posted the picture from your Flickr account, so I wanted to make sure we had our ducks in a row if we re-use the picture on Mr. Bloch’s author page.
    Thanks much,
    Lynn Aprill
    Wisconsin Council of Teachers of English

  7. Brian says:

    Hi Will,

    Do you by chance have a copy of the July and/or August issue(s) of Argosy magazine? If so, I’d be very interested in buying them from you or for photocopies of them.

    • cthulhuwho1 says:


      I just wanted to publicly say, that even though I didn’t have the publications from 1946 that you were looking for, it was indeed a pleasure trying to help you find what you were looking for. I believe you’re on the right track. And I wish you the best of Luck with your latest venture!

  8. Please send me an email address where I can send you “The Strange Case of James Kirkland Pilley.

    • cthulhuwho1 says:


      Our wires may have been slightly crossed, but in the end, I received your excellent story The Undead Zone (aka The Strange Case of James Kirkland Pilley), read it today, and having found it to be a marvelous tale that touches upon Lovecraftian mood, and events somewhat similar to those in The Case of Charles Dexter Ward, with your own original spin on the past haunting the present; I now also recommend it as a bargain to download in a Kindle format from Amazon. Search for The Strange Case of James Kirkland Pilley, or for Randy Attwood, and you’ll be in for a treat.

  9. Kris Frost says:

    Thank you for stopping me today after I noticed your van’s CTHULHU plates. Your collections are very impressive, and I shared your card with my fanatic friends on Facebook who went gaga for all that you have here.

    • cthulhuwho1 says:

      Dear Kris,

      You are very welcome!

      I didn’t want to frighten you in the parking lot, in my grubby, driving-my-wife-to-Wal-Mart clothes; but I try to never pass up a chance to share Lovecraftian interests.

      So I’m very glad you took the time to write, and to share the info with your friends too!

      As you look at, read, and listen to the images, documents, and audio from my CthulhuWho1 sites, please keep in mind that “What’s Mine, Is Yours!”

      Help yourself to all I offer; and feel free to share any of it you like. That’s why I’ve uploaded everything.

      And if you every find time to listen to any of my readings (like my latest, H. P. Lovecraft’s, “The Case of Charles Dexter Ward”), please let me know if they work for you too.

      Crazy in Fullerton,


      I’m posting this on CthulhuWho1.com and by Email too.
      Plus, I’m adding your email address to my email list,
      so you’ll hear from me when I add something major to my sites.

  10. Tom Grant says:

    William, how did I not think that you would have a Lovecraftian blog? I’ll dig into it more when I some free time, which is unfortunately not in great abundance right now. My mom died a few months ago, so my time outside the day job is pretty well consumed with estate matters. Since I’ve been wading through various artifacts of the old days, when the bookstore was still open, I decided to search for any reference to Hourglass Productions on the web. And out popped your blog! Hope you and Jean are doing well.

    • cthulhuwho1 says:

      Tom, Talk about a blast from the past! Really great to hear from you after so many years! But I am very sorry that you too, have lost your mother. Other than our being far older, fatter, lazier, and in my case, balder, Jean and I are still going. I’ll send you a private email for more personal, non-Lovecraftian discussions… Will

  11. George says:

    Hey Will,
    This is a wonder lovecraftian site. A friend and I recently launched a board game on kickstarter inspired by Lovecraft’s “The shadow of Innsmouth”. Hoping you will check it out and maybe help with a little promo work. Keep doing what your doing, great stuff.

  12. Johnny says:

    Wow this is very impressive, I don’t even know where to start! You gave me your card today at Portos and I am forever thankful I cashed you out lol

    • cthulhuwho1 says:

      Johnny, I’ve already sent you a detailed private email, so I’ll just publicly say, Welcome to my Lovecraftian Madness! And it was a pleasure meeting you at the legendary Porto’s Bakery & Cafe in Downey!

  13. Gus says:

    Thank you for the wonderful resource.

    You may be interested to know that most of the recordings that you have attributed to an “unknown male reader” are all the work of Gordon Gould. He recorded the Dagon Omnibus 2 back in 1987 for the Library Of Congress – as part of a project for American Foundation For The Blind. If you listen to the end of part 4 of Supernatural Horror In Literature (your link leads to a YouTube version) and skip to the very end of the audio, you will hear his name credited in the end credits.

    You may already have this info, but I thought I would share – just in case, and in the interest of completeness.

    Thank you again for the great website.

    • cthulhuwho1 says:

      Gus, Thank You Very Much for your Gordon Gould input! I’ve updated his 46 links from “Unknown Reader” to “Gordon Gould.”

      Now I just need the correct names for the other 89 links still classified as “Unknown!”

  14. beejay45 says:

    Hi, Will.

    Just found this site following links on Fritz Leiber and Iguanacon. Amazing collection!

    Could you email me, as I have a question re those topics you might be able to answer? Thank you!


  15. mythinkbooks says:

    Been a reader of your site for some time now and love all the content. Also thank you for purchasing W.H. Pugmire’s latest chapbook “These Black Winged Ones.” I hope it is of interest to your readers. http://mythinkbooks.storenvy.com/products/9937909-these-black-winged-ones
    We also have an audiobook of “The Friendly Horror,” read by Mars Homeworld, which is the title story to our collection “The Friendly Horror and Other Weird Tales.” The tale is a modern follow up to HPL’s The Shadows Over Innsmouth.
    It is found here: http://mythinkbooks.bandcamp.com/
    I would be willing to send you a copy free for your thoughts on it.
    Anthony S Burdge
    Editor Myth Ink Books

  16. Dennis Weiler says:

    Will– I just realized that the last-listed “unknown reader” audio recording you list under “Fungi From Yuggoth” is Fedogan and Bremer’s original recording, done over the winter of 1986-1987. The reader was John Arthur. Original score written and recorded by Mike Olson. Production was by Larry Russo.
    AND IT’S STILL IN COPYRIGHT!– by far the most-extensively-plagiarized F&B product ever! We’re struggling to get a revised release out with additional material.
    Dennis Weiler

  17. Tia K says:

    Hi I wanted to send you a link but your email —roadrunner—– doesn’t work–is is called “Alchemy in the American Colonies” It relates to the Curwen story. Anyhow I just ran across this and thought you might be interested. Your version of CDW was the best I have ever heard. The voices match the characters eerily. I wish someone would make a film of the story that matches the original atmosphere of those times and does not horribly distort the characters into a 1990s aspect.

    the link I wanted to send is “The Intelligences in the 5th Moon of Jupiter—Alchemy in the American Colonies”—it talks about Cotton Mather. You can google it

    Mather was the one who wrote about the ” Essential Saltes”

    • cthulhuwho1 says:


      I don’t know what email address you tried to use for me, but you can send me private messages by way of my WillHartCthulhuWho1 Facebook pages.

      And I truly Thank You for your kind words about my “The Case of Charles Dexter Ward” reading and voices!

      I hope you will also take a look at my visual version of Chapter One on YouTube too.

      And, as we approach Halloween, you might try sitting in a very dark room while you listen to my 23 minute performance of “The Hound.”

      Thank You too, for the Colonies info that I will find and read.

      See you on facebook,


  18. Hi Will!

    You love Lovecraft! We love Lovecraft!
    So we already have something in common!

    Do you know iClassics Collection, the leading company of motion books? We make the books of the future! Our aim is to bring classical literature to the new contemporary reader in an absolutely different and innovative way, as a result of the combination of cutting edge technology and high quality art. That is to say: amazing illustrations, very realistic animations and a highly elaborated interactivity full of possibilities.

    We are launching our new iClassics, iLovecraft Collection, next week, on the 15th of October. And as you are one of the experts of the genius H.P Lovecraft we thought of telling you first, so you can also tell your community!

    You can find more information in the link below:
    (The web is still under construction, but you can already find the basics there).

    And you can find pictures of the application on our Facebook page:

    If you need more information or material, please do not hesitate to contact me. I will be glad to help you in whatever you need!

    Thank you for your time and… Go into the depths of cosmic terror!!

    Kind regards,
    Vanessa – iClassics Collection

  19. Whitney says:

    Hey Will – What a fantastic blog and facebook following you have established. I have signed up for your facebook group page beause I would like to share my upcoming webseries based on H.P. Lovecraft’s short stories. Our first episode will be an adapation of “The Transition of Juan Romero.” http://igg.me/at/hplovecraft/x/12642575 I look forward to joining your Press page!

  20. Paige says:

    Check out this cool Lovecraft comic book thats coming out!

  21. cthulhuwho1 says:

    Dear Paige,

    Please come over to the Lovecraft Related Press Releases group on Facebook to promote this at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1414987952051146/

    It is Free, and it is the perfect place for you to discuss your Kickstarter campaign.

    I am the Founder of the group, and I will approve you as soon as you request to Join the group.


  22. Jeremy says:

    Hi Will,

    I was unable to find any direct means of contact. Would it be possible for you to send me an email directly? I would like to ask you a question.

    Thank you & best regards,

  23. cthulhuwho1 says:


    You’ll need to be a little more specific as to whom you are, and why you are trying to reach me by my private email; or, you can easily reach me on Facebook (as Will Hart, with my Cthulhu plates as my Profile picture); or you can join either of the following two groups on Facebook, and leave me a private message there.

    If you have an interest in Lovecraft Related Press Releases, and haven’t already done so, I’ll recommend the group to you at:

    And, If you have an interest in Lovecraftian Audio, and haven’t already done so, I’ll also recommend The World of H. P. Lovecraft Audio group at:


    • Jeremy says:

      Hi Will,

      Sorry if I seemed suspect. I’m a fellow Lovecraftian in Santa Ana. When I saw that you’re nearby, I thought I’d reach out.

      If you can countenance it, I don’t use Facebook; I have not yet joined the Evil Empire. Mighty inconvenient, I admit — such as in circumstances like this.

      • cthulhuwho1 says:


        I have spent several hours per day, every day. over the last few years of my life, sharing everything Lovecraftian that I can. On Facebook alone, I have posted something on the order of 7000 posts containing links to sites and files of interest to all Lovecraftians. And when you add up all of the visits to my Facebook, Flickr, Blog and YouTube sites, my pages have had millions of “clicks,” or “hits;” all, with no “Evil Empire” or “Big Brother” problems.

        So, when I am contacted by the occasional Lovecraftian who tells me, “I don’t do Facebook, or use any other “Social Media” site, because they are “Evil,” or “I just don’t trust them!” all I can do is ask if you really understand what you are saying.

        I am the Admin of two Lovecraftian groups on Facebook, with thousands of members that I support daily; and yet, only a handful of those people have, or need, my personal email address, because they can send messages to me there at any time, and Facebook will also forward their messages to my personal email address.

        On Flickr, my thousands of images have been viewed millions of times; and any of the Flickr members can reach me by Flickr using the Flickr mail system whenever they need too.

        On YouTube, again, thousands of people have enjoyed my readings, and can send messages to me at any time.

        But anyone who distrusts the sites that I work with daily, and is not willing to share their information with those sites, and makes derogatory comments about them without even using them, and yet, still wants me to share my private contact information with them, no matter how much we might have in common, is not going to receive what they are asking for.

        When most people ask me to “Friend” them on Facebook, I politely decline them, after sending them a private message asking them to let me get to know them first in our shared groups.

        Until I get to know someone well enough to truly call them a “Friend” publicly, they will not be given my personal email address; and you don’t even want to consider what it takes to get me to give out my phone number.

        The bottom line: Get over your Facebook and Social Media fears; and join the thousands of Lovecraftians having a great time daily.

        Will Hart

  24. Jeremy says:


    Sorry I asked. You have a nice day.

  25. cthulhuwho1 says:


    I don’t want you to be sorry. I want you to understand that there are many years worth of Lovecraftian fun you’re keeping yourself away from needlessly. Take a chance, and join all of us that are sharing all we can on Facebook and elsewhere.

    And you did me a favor today, by getting me to finally write a public statement on what I have dealt with privately for years; and which I will use again and again on other sites whenever I am faced with the same request from others that won’t, or haven’t joined the fun, but still want a private relationship first, rather than earning one by public interaction first.

    I do something for Lovecraftians every day, but I also have to have some private moments too.

    Meet me in the middle, and I guarantee you won’t regret it.

    Use any name you want, join the Facebook Lovecraft groups, browse through any and all of the posts, without having to do anything but enjoy yourself; and come back here and comment on your experiences once you’ve had time to have been entertained.

    Will Hart

  26. Hello Will,

    I’m Mireia from iClassics, a small publisher of AppBooks (interactive digital books) from Barcelona. We have a Lovecraft one (original texts, of course) and I would like to give you some information which may be of interest to you. I sent you a private message on Facebook, but you didn’t read it yet.

    I look forward to hearing back from you at your earliest convenience 🙂

    Thank you very much,


  27. Hi Will. A friend of mine alerted me to the posts you put up of Wilum’s old zine MIDNIGHT FANTASIES. I am Art Editor for the Memento Book for NecronomiCon Providence 2019 and one of the co-curators for Ars Necronomica the art exhibit that accompanies The Con. Looking for contact(?) info on Maurice Squidd & David Billman to maybe contribute to both.
    Thanks for any leads/help you can give AND for all YOU continue to do for Lovecraftians everywhere–Joe Shea aka The joey Zone


  28. flames says:


    I collaborate in a crowdfunding project with lovecraft themes.

    In a short time the project will be available in the kickstarter platform, besides being already available in verkami, if you are interested I leave you a link to the author’s project and a promotional video.


    I hope you like it a lot and collaborate in the dissemination of the project, we would greatly appreciate it.

    All help is welcome, especially we seek to promote the project among friends and get the best word of mouth possible.

  29. genremedia says:

    Dear Mr. Hart, I am assisting KPFK/Pacifica Radio Archives currently. Is there an email address where I can forward you some information regarding a preservation project. I admire your work / postings. Kind regards, James

  30. Good morning Will! I happened upon your Flickr and your blog while researching Two Thomas Street and 101 North Main Street for ArtInRuins.com. I was hoping I could use a few photos that you took from the rooftop in 1990 for those properties, as photos from that time period are hard to come by. Full credit always added, and I’ll link to this blog as well (unless you’d rather me link to you Flickr account). Thanks so much for posting an amazing array of historic material about Providence and the Lovecraft legacy.

    • cthulhuwho1 says:

      Jason, What’s mine is yours! Help yourself to any of my images for any purpose, private or commercial. Any credits or links are always welcome; but I have no problem without them too… Thanks for asking. Will

  31. Joe Levin says:

    Hi Will — wondering if you can help me. I inherited (from my uncle, Barry Levin) a beautiful portrait painting of Lovecraft by Arfstrom, which appears to grace part of the front cover of the Three Complete H. P. Lovecraft Poetry Readings CD. I’m not sure the story behind it, if it’s an original or perhaps a copy (based on the finish). Would love to learn more and insight you may have! Happy to send pictures.

    Much appreciated!
    Joe Levin

    • cthulhuwho1 says:

      Joe, Sorry to take so long getting back to you! The man to speak to about the painting, is Dennis Weiler of Fedogan & Bremer Email is fedogan@millenicom.com, and phone is 208-467-5155. Dennis commissioned the painting to be used for my CD of Lovecraft’s poetry; and he would know more than anyone else the story behind it. Being on a retired fixed income, I couldn’t afford to purchase it, if it was for sale; but Dennis might be in a different situation. Plus, Dennis is the person who paid Arfstrom to paint the work to begin with; and Dennis might even own the original, so he could easily verify if it was a copy. Good luck with this! And, I hope you drop me a note at willhart at roadrunner dot com to let me know what you find out.

      • Dennis E Weiler says:

        No, Will, that isn’t quite right! Wish it were so. The Arfstrom painting already existed, and in fact Jon had already passed on, when I paid the Estate for the use of the image. It WAS NOT a Fedogan and Bremer commission.

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