Pre-Order H. P. Lovecraft’s Fungi from Yuggoth and Other Poems CD Now for Only $12.95!

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H. P. Lovecraft’s Fungi from Yuggoth and Other Poems on CD: ISBN 978-1-878252-80-7
is Finally In-Production at Fedogan & Bremer!

To paraphrase the Fedogan & Bremer website, “Our 21st-Century audio production of HPL’s Fungi From Yuggoth as read by William E. Hart, with the eerie atmospheric music scored by Graham Plowman doesn’t stop there; we’ve filled the CD with a dozen more of Lovecraft’s best Weird Poems!  The late Jon Arfstrom’s painting of HPL graces the cover, and S. T. Joshi has contributed the Notes in the 12-page booklet.

These readings emphasize the poetry’s meter and rhyme schemes, making it easy to follow. The audio emphasis should make it clear listening even while jogging or driving in your car.”

Copies may now be pre-ordered for only $12.95 at:

A QUICK UPDATE 24-April-2016:

The nominal release date is still the 1st. of September 2016, but pre-ordered copies have already begun shipping!

And for those that want a copy of the texts of all 48 of the tracks on the CD, here’s a printable PDF file just for you:
All the Words for H. P. Lovecraft’s Fungi from Yuggoth and Other Poems CD

The Tracks…

Fungi from Yuggoth:
01 Opening Credits
02 I. The Book Sample
03 II. Pursuit Sample
04 III. The Key Sample
05 IV. Recognition Sample
06 V. Homecoming Sample
07 VI. The Lamp Sample
08 VII. Zaman’s Hill Sample
09 VIII. The Port Sample
10 IX. The Courtyard Sample
11 X. The Pigeon-Flyers Sample
12 XI. The Well Sample
13 XII. The Howler Sample
14 XIII. Hesperia Sample
15 XIV. Star Winds Sample
16 XV. Antarktos Sample
17 XVI. The Window Sample
18 XVII. A Memory Sample
19 XVIII. The Gardens of Yin Sample
20 XIX. The Bells Sample
21 XX. Night-Gaunts Sample
22 XXI. Nyarlathotep Sample
23 XXII. Azathoth Sample
24 XXIII. Mirage Sample
25 XXIV. The Canal Sample
26 XXV. St. Toad’s Sample
27 XXVI. The Familiars Sample
28 XXVII. The Elder Pharos Sample
29 XXVIII. Expectancy Sample
30 XXIX. Nostalgia Sample
31 XXX. Background Sample
32 XXXI. The Dweller Sample
33 XXXII. Alienation Sample
34 XXXIII. Harbour Whistles Sample
35 XXXIV. Recapture Sample
36 XXXV. Evening Star Sample
37 XXXVI. Continuity Sample
38 Closing credits

And Other Poems:
39 Despair Sample
40 Festival Sample
41 Hallowe’en in a Suburb Sample
42 In a Sequester’d Providence Churchyard Where Once Poe Walked Sample
43 Nemesis Sample
44 On Reading Lord Dunsany’s Book Of Wonder Sample
45 The Ancient Track Sample
46 The Messenger Sample
47 The Outpost Sample
48 To a Dreamer Sample
49 To Clark Ashton Smith Esq Upon His Fantastic Tales Verses Pictures and Sculptures Sample
50 To Mr Finlay Upon His Drawing for Mr Bloch’s Tale, The Faceless God Sample


William E. Hart

Will Hart for CD Promo - CthulhuWho1 938 x 1130 - Final

Readings and interior photos by William E. Hart; a life-long Lovecraft collector, aka CthulhuWho1.

Will Hart says, “This CD is the product of all of the people listed below; and would not exist without their very kind advice, help, participation and support.  Thank You one and all!”




Will Hart is known for his readings of the following works by H. P. Lovecraft:

Fungi from Yuggoth (Scored by Graham Plowman)

At the Mountains of Madness:

The Case of Charles Dexter Ward:

The Hound (Scored by Graham Plowman):

And he is Curator of:

Plus, he is the Admin for two H. P. Lovecraft Facebook groups:

Lovecraft Related Press Releases:

The World of H. P. Lovecraft Audio


Graham Plowman
Plowman Final1

All of the tracks for “H. P. Lovecraft’s Fungi from Yuggoth and Other Poems” are beautifully scored by the brilliant Irish Composer, Graham Plowman.

Graham says, “I’m a huge fan of HP Lovecraft, and compose full orchestral music based on, and inspired by, his work. I write a lot of fantasy orchestral music as well, and just finished my first feature film score ‘Arthur & Merlin’. I’ve also just finished an audio book recording of Lovecraft’s Fungi from Yuggoth – to be released soon…”

Some of Graham Plowman’s many Lovecraftian works other than “H. P. Lovecraft’s Fungi from Yuggoth and Other Poems” include:


The Hound


The Call of Cthulhu


The Horror of H. P. Lovecraft

99d0bddb66734d478e10a454b4afa5f2-560x750The Terrible Old Man

92ffbdd999bf48b78a67df6a4aed0177-560x750 (1)Re-Animator

Shadow Over InnsmouthThe Shadow Over Innsmouth: Orchestra and Choir Horror Music:

Dunwich HorrorThe Dunwich Horror: Orchestra and Choir Horror Music:

Return to ArkhamReturn to Arkham: HP Lovecraft Music:

DagonH.P. Lovecraft’s “Dagon” (Orchestra and Choir Horror Music):

The HoundHP Lovecraft’s “The Hound” Full Score: Creepy Horror Music:

Colour Out of SpaceThe Colour Out of Space HP Lovecraft Orchestral Horror Music:

Rats in the Walls

The Rats in the Walls HP Lovecraft Orchestral Horror Music:

Cthulhu Rising

Cthulhu Rising: Orchestra and Choir Horror Music:

Herbert West

Herbert West: Reanimator Original Soundtrack (HP Lovecraft):

At the Mountains of Madness

Orchestra/Choir Horror ‘At the Mountains of Madness‘ (HP Lovecraft)

Call of Cthulhu 1

HP Lovecraft’s The Call of Cthulhu: Soundtrack Part 1 Orchestra Horror Music


Call of Cthulhu 2

HP Lovecraft’s The Call of Cthulhu: Soundtrack Part 2 Orchestra Horror Music


Call of Cthulhu 3

HP Lovecraft’s The Call of Cthulhu: Soundtrack Part 3 Orchestra Horror

Flight of the Mi-Go

Flight of the Mi-Go HP Lovecraft Orchestral Horror Music

Whisper Plowman

The Whisperer in Darkness H.P. Lovecraft Orchestra Horror Music


The Lurking Fear H. P. Lovecraft Horror Music


The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath Part 1: The Journey to Ngranek


S. T. Joshi
Joshi Final1

S. T. Joshi, the ultimate living source of Lovecraftian knowledge, has provided the extensive Liner Notes, including details for all 48 of the H. P. Lovecraft poems on the CD.

S. T. said, “If you’re talking just about HPL’s weird poetry, “The Ancient Track” is my favourite, so it’s good that it’s on your list. I hope you can slip in “The Messenger“–it’s only a sonnet, so it shouldn’t take long to record! “On Reading Lord Dunsany’s Book of Wonder” is also a fabulous short poem,                                                                                         not to mention “To a Dreamer,” “Despair,”                                                                                         and so many others!”

Valuable suggestions, and all taken to heart!
Some of the 116 S. T. Joshi items published by Hippocampus Press:


Jon Arfstrom

The cover artwork for “H. P. Lovecraft’s Fungi from Yuggoth and Other Poems” is by the late Jon Arfstrom, the last of the original Weird Tales cover artists; whose untimely death in December 2015 during negotiations for publication rights to this artwork caused a very tense but hopeful delay in obtaining the artwork; which now finally graces the CD! Jon created the covers for the January 1952, July 1952 and September 1953 editions of Weird Tales Magazine; and also provided the interior illustrations for H. P. Lovecraft’s, The Horror at Red Hook in                                                                                    the March 1952 edition of Weird Tales too.

Arfstrom_lovecraft_Complete for T-Shirts       Weird-Tales-52-01

Weird Tales Cover-1952-07         WEIRD-TALES-Sept.-1952

821eca64d48a607bc1e5fb92398b8c82     WeirdTalesJonArfstromIllustrationForTheHorrorAtRedHook565


Dennis Weiler

Dennis in Cap Final

Dennis Weiler of Fedogan & Bremer, has from Day One, been the driving force behind Fedogan & Bremer offering to be the publisher of this CD; and his editorial corrections, guidance, recommendations, suggestions, and desire to go far beyond the original plan of just publishing the beautifully scored “Fungi,” and to see how far we could go with “Other Poems,” has turned this CD into a 48 track masterpiece that will be treasured far into the future! Thank You Dennis for seeing far more possibilities in this project than was originally planned!

Dennis said, “Now… in response to earlier notes: if anything is to be added to this project, how about readings of more HPL? I’m thinking “The Festival” “The Ancient Track” kinds of things.”


Wilum H. Pugmire

Wilum Final1

This CD of “H. P. Lovecraft’s Fungi from Yuggoth and Other Poems” would not exist without the very kind and generous support, encouragement, track suggestions and promotion of its worthiness by my Dear Friend, and Queen of Eldritch Darkness, Wilum H. Pugmire! Wilum represents, and is, The Heart of this CD.

Wilum said, “I have some definite “musts”. I would include “The Messenger” because it is a wonderful sonnet, and because of its history that ties it to “The Call of Cthulhu.” “Where Once Poe Walked” is a must because of Poe’s influence on Lovecraft’s writing, and because it is a poem about Providence. “To Mr. Finlay, Upon His Drawing for Mr. Bloch’s Tale, ‘The Faceless God‘”–contains references to so many remarkable things: to Finlay, one of the finest artists to represent Lovecraft’s persona and art; Robert Bloch, one of the most important of those young writers influenced by HPL; and because the story by Bloch points to Lovecraft’s enormous influence, an influence that would extend to present time. And lastly, “The Ancient Track,” because it is a poem that cries to be read aloud; and, it contains a reference to “Zaman’s Hill“, thus linking it to ye FUNGI.

And you can see that all of these “musts” are included on this CD!

For just a small glimpse into the mind, fiction and books by Wilum, please see the following links:


David E. Schultz  &  Jason C. Eckhardt

David E. Schultz FinalThis CD is dedicated to David E. Schultz for his Annotated Edition of H. P. Lovecraft’sFungi from Yuggoth” from Hippocampus Press!Fungi Book Cover FinalJason C. Eckhardt Final
And the CD is also dedicated to Jason C. Eckhardt for his forty Illustrations
for David E. Schultz’s book!

Fungi from Yuggoth, the 300 page book, is available from Hippocampus Press at the link below:


Kyle A. Opperman and Ashley Dioses

Kyle and Ashley

Two rising stars in the field of Dark Fantasy Poetry, have provided youthful ears to judge this collection’s worthiness; and Kyle deserves a huge Thank You for recommending Nemesis for this CD too; as it is now one of my personal favorites!

You can find them both on Facebook:

dividerOffWorld Designs

Arfstrom_lovecraft_Complete for T-Shirts   Lovecraft Arfstrom T-Shirt

For those interested in owning a T-Shirt with Jon Arfstrom’s full “Howard Phillips Lovecraft” artwork on it, Krysta Olson, of OffWorld Designs, has kindly offered a 20% discount to those using the special Coupon Code that has been set up just for fans of the “H. P. Lovecraft’s Fungi from Yuggoth and Other Poems” CD; the Coupon Code is “16Lovecraft” (without the quotation marks, and it is case sensitive, so type it just the way it is here).



An Awesome Fungi from Yuggoth podcast by Jim Moon Has Been Posted!
HYPNOGORIA 36H. P. Lovecraft’s Fungi From Yuggoth

With a history of the cosmic sonnet sequence, and a wonderful review of our new CD!



Brown University Fungi CD Acceptance Rec. 31-May-2016 Postmarked 28-May-2016

On Tuesday, 31-May-2016, a Brown University CD Acceptance Letter arrived, postmarked 28-May-2016; which shows that the new Fedogan & Bremer CD of H. P. Lovecraft’s Fungi from Yuggoth and Other Poems has now been accepted by the Brown University Library system, and will become part of the H. P. Lovecraft special collection in the John Hay Library of Brown University!

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