Over 2.4 Million CthulhuWho1 Views!

A Grand and Happy Greeting to All Lovecraftians!

Thanks to Everyone that has followed my links over the last five years, as of Friday, 05-September-2014, at 10:06 p.m. Pacific Daylight Saving Time, the CthulhuWho1 Audio, Document, Photo and Video web sites linked below have now been viewed together over 2.4 Million Times!

The sole purpose of these CthulhuWho1 (William E. Hart/Will Hart) web sites has been to share every Lovecraft related item I can from my collections; even though I wasn’t sure there would be much interest…

Passing the 2.4 Million Views mark today has validated the time and effort I have put into the five years of uploads; and will encourage me to continue scanning, processing, and recording even more items for future postings!

Thank You One and All for showing an interest in what I have to share!

The CthulhuWho1 Lovecraft Flickr Collections (with over 3700 images) at: http://www.flickr.com/photos/cthulhuwho1/collections/
Have been viewed 2,216,524 times!

The CthulhuWho1 blog at:                                                                               http://cthulhuwho1.com
Has been viewed 127,321 times!

And The CthulhuWho1 YouTube Channel Videos at:                                                 http://www.youtube.com/user/CthulhuWho1
Have been viewed 61,131 times!

That’s a grand total of 2,404,976 views!

And the numbers are rising as I type these words!

A Very Sincere Thanks from,
a Very Happy “Old One” in Fullerton, California
William (Will) E. Hart
a.k.a. CthulhuWho1

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5 Responses to Over 2.4 Million CthulhuWho1 Views!

  1. tomlopy123 says:

    That’s an awesome response. Get the CD audiobooks on itunes or newfiction.com

  2. Thank you, Will, for your dedication and generosity! You have spent an immense amount of time doing all this and pulling it all together for our enjoyment.

    • cthulhuwho1 says:

      Madame Vauquer,

      You are very welcome!

      I just wish more people would post comments on their favorite tales and readers linked here.

      As the Creator/Curator of this Gateway, I don’t want to “take sides” so I just sit back and enjoy reading other’s responses to what they find by passing through here…

      And it is also wonderful to hear from some of my favorite people in the comments here; like you my dear Madame Vauquer!


  3. Dear William, I lost your email address when my computer crashed. Luckily I had the Compleat Jules de Grandin stored on a USB stick for just such an occasion.
    I found on youtube two Lovecraft stories read by David McCallum I had not heard before:
    Rats in the Walls : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i6FkDC5Qaxg&index=1&list=PL0679IGx8w0ipqAt_zZSA7j3Uq9IafZdz
    Haunter of the Dark : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QVSaWYMrhRY&list=PL0679IGx8w0ipqAt_zZSA7j3Uq9IafZdz&index=2
    PLease send me a mail so we can resume our contact.
    Regards from the Netherlands,

    • cthulhuwho1 says:

      My Old Friend Roland!

      I’ll send you a personal note right after posting this…

      David McCallum’s reading of “The Rats in the Walls” was already part of The Gateway, but his reading of “The Haunter of the Dark” was a new link, and has now been added.

      Thank you for getting back in touch, and for the help in expanding the audio links list too!


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