Happy 122nd. Birthday H. P. Lovecraft! The Case of Charles Dexter Ward is Coming!

Happy 122nd. Birthday Grandpa Theobald!

I’m truly sorry that the audio present I’m making for you (The Case of Charles Dexter Ward), isn’t quite ready to unveil, just yet; but it will still be in honor of your birthday when I share it in the very near future here on the CthulhuWho1.com blog.

All of the voices that have escaped from my head, and been brought to audio life, including Marinus, Theodore, Joseph, Charles, Jedediah/Simon, Edward, and several others, are all waiting to take their places in as many public venues as possible; but I’m restraining them, as I balance a few differences between the earliest recordings, Chapters 1 & 2 (done on a Logitech microphone), and the latter, Chapters 3-5 (done on an Audio Technica microphone).

I just want you, and all of your friends and admirers to be entertained for a very long time to come!

Yours in Eldritch Phantasies,

William E. Hart

aka CthulhuWho1

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1 Response to Happy 122nd. Birthday H. P. Lovecraft! The Case of Charles Dexter Ward is Coming!

  1. Looking forward to it, Will! I know it will be worth the wait.

    Meanwhile–Happy Birthday to the Old Gent.

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