Do You Like Lovecraftian Fiction? Have You Been to Edward Martin III’s Blinkspace Lately?

Blinkspace: Hidden behind seven billion eyeblinks lies an entire world…

A one-year marathon of Friday releases of new Lovecraftian stories by Edward Martin III.

If you are a true Lovecraftian, you need to check out the very original stories appearing on Blinkspace each week over the next year; and your ideas can become part of a future story, and that story may end up in an annual anthology too.

Please visit Blinkspace, and spread the word about this amazing fiction-writing marathon effort; you’ll be visiting here over and over during the next year.

Well done Edward! Thank You for a wonderful place to visit, and some greatly entertaining tales for everyone!

Over the last few weeks, the following stories have been released, and should wet your appetite for more; like they have mine:

I Saw a Pony
“I Saw a Pony” is inspired by lonesome morning walks and the fact that My Little Pony dolls just stare and stare and stare at you…

No Trouble
“No Trouble” is inspired by Derek — because I think he should embrace the Dark Side and make another movie.

For Space is Deep and Hungry
“For Space is Deep and Hungry” is inspired by Katrina’s request for a futuristic “Cats of Ulthar” type story.

The Silver in the Dark
“The Silver in the Dark” is inspired by Beth’s request to have “something weird happen with the cows.”

“Acclimatization” is inspired by Chris’s request to touch on “At the Mountains of Madness” without going to Antarctica.

“Bodiless” is inspired by Travis’s request for something “messy.”

The Theory of String
“The Theory of String” is inspired by Jim’s request to explore the geometry of cats.

The Trail
“The Trail” is inspired by Beth’s request for something on the beach.

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5 Responses to Do You Like Lovecraftian Fiction? Have You Been to Edward Martin III’s Blinkspace Lately?

  1. Wow, thank you! I’m very happy you’re enjoying the stories so far. I’m kinda overwhelmed by the writing, but have been enjoying the writing, too (I can’t WAIT to unveil the Christmas Eve story!). It’s a lot more fun and a lot more work than I expected it to be, but man, am I EVER enjoying it!

    Thank you for the kind words!



  2. Thanks for directing us to Blinkspace, Will.

    I haven’t read all the stories yet, but The Theory of String is my favorite of the ones I have read. Have recommended it to several and one was very enthusiastic–said she loved it.

  3. Thank you again for linking and sharing my site.

    You might be happy to know that tomorrow I publish my 51st week of Blinkspace stories — one more remaining!

    After that, I’m taking a little break to wrap up a couple of big projects, and then Blinkspace will be back with something new. Not sure what the next phase will be, but I’m sure it’ll kick my ass as much as writing 52 stories in a year did!



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