Happy Birthday H.P.L. Part 3 – Panel Bonus Files!

What a Birthday!

First the H.P.L. Panel Files!

Then the “Fungi from Yuggoth” Readings.

And now, thanks to Donald R. Burleson (Don, do I call you Dr., Professor, or Don now?) at http://www.blackmesapress.com/ giving his very kind permission for me to pull back the curtain and reveal his (and our) real nature; I’m able to provide an absolute treat/bonus set of companion files for the H. P. Lovecraft Panel files.

At the very end of the sixth file, Dirk W. Mosig mentions a story by Don, that was in Dirk’s current issue of his Lovecraftian fanzine, The Miskatonic. He also mentioned that you might need to keep a small bag handy while reading it.

Well, it just happens, that during the evening of the day before the panel, a bunch of us E.O.D. (Esoteric Order of Dagon) looneys (and my poor tired wife!), while hanging out in our suite in the Adams Hotel (room 702, which had become The Gathering Place), managed to get Don to stop laughing long enough to make a recording of his story, “The Last Supper” (See the photos dated 02-Sep-1978 in http://www.flickr.com/photos/cthulhuwho1/sets/72157624663863218/with/4865067758/ for our faces).

I’m not sure if it’s funnier to listen to the story by itself first, or to the second file which includes the craziness going on before and after his reading. Take your pick.

But when you listen to just the story, you’ll find that by my switching the file to mono, and cutting out the before and after silliness, it almost sounds like a studio recording.

But the reality is the craziness in the second file; with the party-like atsmosphere.

Harlan Ellison gets mentioned a bit in the second file, because he was the Guest of Honor there for IguanaCon, but he was behaving like, well, like Harlan Ellison. His attitude towards many of the fans was expressed by comments like, “I Hate Fucking Fans!” And his attitude toward the press was, “Tell them to go fuck themselves!” So he was an easy target for some of the jokes in the room; even though most of us fully understand why Harlan rightly had his attitude based upon what he’d been through, and the efforts he was making for the Equal Rights Ammendment. But we were all being silly that (and every) night.

And if you only know Don Burleson, from the Panel recordings, or his books, then I have to tell you that I’m not sure if Don is a serious person who is funny, a funny person who is serious, or just the seriously funny guy I know him to be in-person, or in his letters. You are going to hear the funny side of Don in these files. And listen for Dirk Mosig, with his dry humor, telling everyone to listen for their stomaches doing something interesting.

NOTE: If you do a normal click on the MP3 file links in this post, WordPress will play them for you.

If you’d like to download and save the files for yourself, and you are using a PC, right-click, to bring up the right-click menu and use the “Save Link As” function to save the MP3 files to your hard drive.

If you’d like to download and save the files for yourself, and you are using a Mac, I believe that would be Ctrl + Click to bring up the right click menu, and use the “Download Linked File” function to save the MP3 files to your hard drive.  I don’t own a Mac so please correct me if I am wrong!

The Last Supper – Donald R. Burleson – 02-Sep-1978

The Last Supper – Donald R. Burleson – With Pre and Post Noises from E.O.D. Members 02-Sep-1978

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